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Features - KoolPivotTable Filters

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Dollar Sales
Product LineProduct
Classic CarsMotorcyclesPlanesShipsTrainsTrucks and BusesVintage CarsGrand Total
Euro+ Shopping Channel
Mini Gifts Distributors Ltd.
Muscle Machine Inc
Vida Sport, Ltd
Down Under Souveniers, Inc
Grand Total
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Description & Sample code

In order to pre-set data sorting, you use this command:

$pivot->SetInitSortedGroup("Classic Cars"); // where "Classic Cars" is the name of the header by which you want to sort

In order to manually add a top N, top percent, bottom N or bottom percent filter, you use this command:

$field->AddFilter(array("top_N", "5")); //New filters: "top_N", "bottom_N", "top_percent", "bottom_percent"