KoolButtonKoolButtonFullVersion released on 10/22/2012

Button - KoolButton

Left Image Right Image

Description & Sample code

To set text for KoolButton, you do:
$mybutton->Text = "Click Me";

Make the button do post back like submit, you set the AutoPostback property:
$mybutton->Autopostback = true;

You can set the left image, right image or both:
$mybutton->LeftImage = "path/to/leftimage.png";
$mybutton->RightImage = "path/to/rightimage.png";

You can apply css to the left image and right image by creating your own css and assign to LeftImageCss and RighrImageCss:
$mybutton->LeftImageCss = "my_left_image_css";
$mybutton->RightImageCss = "my_right_image_css";

To assign button to do something on click you create a javascript function and do: