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TextBox - KoolTextBox

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Description & Sample code

KoolTextBox has two modes: SingeLine and MultiLine. You can set them with $Mode property.

To set the width and height of KoolTextBox, you use the property $Width and $Height

If you want to set style for KoolTextBox rather than just width and height, you may set the$CssClass. Value of $CssClass is the css class name that want to set to textbox.

KoolTextBox is supported state persistent which means that after the form is posted back, the value on KoolTextBox will stay the same. To turn on/off this feature you set $StatePersistent to true or false.

You can limit the maximum charaters input into textbox by using property $MaxLength.

Also, you can set the ToolTip for KoolTextBox with $ToolTip property.