KoolForm KoolForm FullVersion released on 25/11/2016

Decoration - First Look

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Description & Sample code

KoolForm provide a consistent look and feel among different browsers.

To enable the Decoration feature of KoolForm, you set the $DecorationEnabled to true or false

Also, you need to define a area that you want to decorate by adding class="decoration". If you want to decorate the whole form, you just need to add "decoration" css class to <form> element.

By default, all the elements in form will be decorated: buttons, textboxes, fieldsets, labels, headings... If you just want to set just some of them you can set decoration enabled for each of elements:

$myform_manager->Decoration->Button = false;
$myform_manager->Decoration->Textbox = true;
$myform_manager->Decoration->Heading = false;