KoolInputKoolInputFullVersion released on 10/22/2012

TextBox - KoolPasswordTextBox

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Description & Sample code

One of great things about KoolPasswordTextBox is the built-in password strength indicator.

Simply by setting $txtPassword->ShowIndicator = true;, you already have the indicator showing up everytime user types in password.

To calculate strength of password, KoolPasswordTextBox base on:

  • 1. Length of password.
  • 2. Number of numeric characters.
  • 3. Number of upper-case characters.
  • 4. Number of symbol characters such as "%#*$"

In order to set above, you use :

  • 1. $PreferredPasswordLength
  • 2. $MinimumNumericCharacters
  • 3. $MinimumUpperCaseCharacters
  • 4. $MinimumSymbolCharacters

In order to set weight on each of above items, you use $CalculationWeightings property:
For example:
The number are the weight of above items respectively. Length of password: 50%. Numeric character: 15%. Upper-case character: 15%; Symbol character: 20%.

You also can customize the indicator text with $TextStrengthDescriptions
For example:
$txtPassword->TextStrengthDescriptions="Very Weak;Weak;Medium;Strong;Very Strong";

Lastly, you can customize the indicator css with $TextStrengthDescriptionStyles
For example: